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Droppa Lite released to Android Market

CRB games is proud to announce the release of Droppa lite to the Android Market. A free remake of the popular classic Columns.

Droppa lite on Android Market now

The game is my first attempt at creating a game, which is something I’ve wanted to do since firing up a Commodore 64, many, many years ago, but somehow building websites, developing business software, running servers, supporting users and all the other things that go with being a busy IT manager have got in the way.

Droppa lite has been developed with the excellent development tool CoronaSDK from Anscamobile. CoronaSDK enables rapid development for Android and Apple IOS devices.

The full version of Droppa will be released soon, which includes an increasing difficulty level, online scoreboards, no ads, and a surprise or two. Look out for it on Android market, and perhaps iPhone soon.

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